Perfluorocarbon Liquid under retina



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Retinal tear, 4 retinal detachments, cme

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High cholesterol

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Durezol for cme

Do you use any eye drops?





I have had 4 retinal detachment surgeries in my right eye. The last surgery last February left behind subretinal PFO (Perfluorocarbon Liquid) in my center vision. There are 5 PFO bubbles under my retina.

I also have Cystoid Macular Edema in my right eye. And my vision in that eye is wavy.

What are the options to remove the pfo and would it be worth it? One bubble is in my focal point so center vision is difficult. My retina doctor tried c3f8 to see if it would push the pfo out of my center vision. I think it moved a very small amount but not what I would hope. 

Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions



Thanks for your Question

Yes this small amount of Perfluorocarbon Liquid should be surgically removed. Gas injection to displace it away from the fovea is a temporary measure and it will keep moving back to the center of your vision. Some studies showed that PFO can be toxic to the retina.