Vitrectomy for Macular Hole



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
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Do you use any eye drops?





A couple years ago I had a macular operation on my right eye. It took over a year for my left eye to train my brain to be able to see correctly from my right eye. About a year later I needed another macular operation on my left eye. I got new glasses and everything was ok for a while.

I could not pass my drivers test so I returned to my eye doctor. He gave me a new prescription that I could purchase only the right eye glass.

I passes my test but it seemed a relief to take my glasses off. I thought not getting my left eye glass was the problem. So I purchased the left eyepiece. This didn’t correct the issue. It didn’t change the problem. By the time I think I found the issue 3 and ½ months have went by.



I can’t justify how long it has taken me to realize what is the problem. I have found out that the lens I purchased for my only good eye, the right eye, was causing a vertical double vision, For example: I see two red or green lights from a distance, the closer I get to the light the closer they get till they are one. With out my glasses, I don’t see two lights only one.

I have used a laser pointer, one small dot, to shine through both lenses. The results back up my suspicions. Through the left eye lens, one dot. Through the right lens one dot and a blurred dot. I have no doubt the prescription is correct.

I believe there is something reflective causing a double vision within the lens. By the way I get a yearly physical along with 3 other checkups each year. I am not diabetic, and my blood pressure is normal.

Is my conclusion correct?





Thanks for your Question

It seems that your vision in left eye is weak and that is why you see double vision. Blurred vision in the left eye can be caused by cataract or the retina is weak after the surgery.

You should check up with your eye doctor about the options you have