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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
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Do you use any eye drops?





My 7 year old grandson has just had an eye test a shadows have been found at the back of both eyes.

The optician said, this is being caused by pressure, a brain tumour has been mentioned.

What else could it be please.




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I don't know what you mean by a shadow. Do you mean Swelling of the optic disc at the back of your grandson eyes? If that so, there are many causes of that and one of them is brain tumor.

Other common causes are :

1- This is how the optic disc look like which is called pseudo-papillodema or pseudo swelling in which the optic disc is small and crowded and it appears as swelling but it is not

2- Optic disc drusens. it is benign calcification at the optic disc which also will look like a swelling

3- Infection and inflammation of the optic disc

I think you should visit an eye doctor who can do full ocular examination and run multiple diagnostic tests to clarify if your grandson has a swelling or not.




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Thanks for the quick reply , the optician didn't mention anything about swelling.

He just said the shadows were caused by pressure , my grandson suffers badly from hay fever.

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I don't know what your optometrist meant by shadow in the back of the eye as we don't have such medical term in ophthalmology.

Brain tumor can increase the pressure inside the head which will cause swelling of the optic nerve and i assumed he meant that as you said he mentioned pressure and brain tumor.

Anyway you should visit an eye doctor for full ocular examination and we would love to keep us posted about the condition of your grandson and i hope everything will be ok.
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Thank you for your reply , I will keep you informed , also thank you for your good wishes towards my grandson

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