Ophthalmology Terminology K

Ophthalmology Terminology K

Ophthalmology Terminology K​



Kaposi Sarcoma. Vascular tumor that occurs in Patients with AIDS.It can occurs in the eyelid and conjunctiva.

Kasabach Merritt Syndrome. Vascular tumor which causes decrease in platelets, coagulation factors and also can cause anemia.It occurs mainly in children.

Kayser Fleischer Ring. Copper deposition in the Descemet membrane of the cornea in patients with Wilson disease.

Kearns-Sayre Syndrome. A disease that occurs due to mitochondrial DNA deletion.It has ocular and systemic manifestations. It is characterized by Ptosis of both eyelids, retinal pigmentary changes and limitations of ocular movements in all directions.


Krimsky Test. Measuring the angle of misalignment in strabismus patient by using prism infront of the deviated eye. The power of prism in increase gradually till the corneal reflex in both eyes are symmetrical.



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