Home remedies for wrinkles

Home remedies for wrinkles

Home remedies for wrinkles around Eyes




If someone looked into your eyes, what would they see? Sometimes it’s really difficult to tell a woman’s age. Women can look older or younger than they are, but one part of the body that usually gives everything away is the area around the eyes.

The way you age around the eyes depends on a number of things. It partially depends on your genetics, but it also greatly depends on your lifestyle and habits.

Your eye area is sensitive, and there’s no other skin on your body like it – it’s unique in its makeup and appearance, which is why you need to treat it differently to the rest of your body.

Avoid skin care products, eye products and anti-aging creams laden with chemicals and mysterious ingredients and opt for something totally natural, and more holistic – DIY Home remedies for wrinkles around eyes!



 Getting Rid of the Luggage – the Bags under eyes 


There’s nothing more unsightly than bags under eyes and dark circles under eyes. This instantly adds a few extra years onto your existing age. It makes you look constantly tired, drawn, and much older, which is usually due to excess water.

Placing cool sliced cucumbers or pre-chilled caffeinated teabags on your eyes for about 15 minutes will help absorb the fluid that’s responsible for making your eyes look much darker and hollow than they should be.

Another known and practiced method to get rid of bags under eyes, which can often look like large bruises, is to make sure you consume enough food that’s rich in vitamin K such as kale, spinach, beet greens, collard, chard, and broccoli.

Vitamin K has been proved to help strengthen blood vessels that have been weakened, which is thought to be one of the leading causes of bags under eyes and dark circles under eyes.



Crow’s Feet vs. Smile Lines


Despite what you might think, there’s a difference between crow’s feet and smile lines. Smile lines are temporary and appear when you smile and crow’s feet are permanent regardless of your mood. Squinting too much, excess sun-exposure and genetics are all responsible for these tiny lines around the eyes.

When you notice permanent crow’s feet rearing their ugly heads, tackle them immediately by keeping the skin hydrated using jojoba, evening primrose, olive, and sesame oils.

Washing your face with hot water and oil helps relax dry and weary skin, especially around the eyes. Most natural oils have linoleic acid, which helps your skin retain water better. These oils will also help boost your skin’s elasticity and restore skin tone, leaving you fresher, younger looking skin which will allow your eyes to shine.



Like with most things, prevention is better than cure. It’s much easier to slow down or stop premature aging skin around the eyes than it is to reverse the clocks and magically take off the years. Today, it’s more common to suffer from allergies and skin breakouts.

This is not because of our increasingly sensitive skin it’s due to so many so-called miraculous anti-aging ingredients. We weren’t born to put chemicals on our faces, so sometimes it’s much easier to keep things natural.

Looking after your eyes’ skin area using natural remedies isn’t difficult, and most things can be found in the kitchen cupboard.

Do your skin and pockets a favor and use natural products to slow down the effects of aging skin around the eyes.



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