How to Improve Eyesight with Healthy Food

How to Improve Eyesight with Healthy Food

Foods to Improve Eyesight | Improve Eyesight with Healthy Food



If you want eyesight better than 20/20, or want to prevent eyesight deterioration, it’s good to know why your vision depends on nutrients to see clearly. Choose right foods to improve eyesight.

Much of this information comes from the research. And the amazing thing is that this research started long before many people with eyesight deterioration were even born.

As early as 1945 scientists found that the macula of the eye had yellow carotenoid pigments in it. Nutritional research lagged behind though and no one knew that these yellow pigments were found in foods until many years later.

In 1958, there was evidence that vitamins helped improve macular degeneration. One of the first vitamins tested was vitamin E. To perform this research, the scientists decided on what would define improvement for macular degeneration. Their criteria was that improvement meant there was a reduction of distorted vision. In other words, if you looked at two separate lines on a paper close to each other and saw them as one line or saw them as wavy, then this is considered distortion.

What the researchers found was that two thirds of the participants improved the distortion in their vision, thereby improving their macular degeneration. Two thirds is pretty significant! You don’t find very many studies these days that show that something helps a condition in two-thirds of the study participants. Yet, nutrition worked.You can find foods to improve eyesight.



Nutritional Research On Eyesight Sees 20/20

Thirty years later, the National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey found that by eating a diet rich in beta carotene, people over 45 years old were at lower risk of developing macular degeneration than those who didn’t have a diet rich in beta carotene.You can choose foods to improve eyesight without glasses.

By 1993 the research was quantifiable by doctors at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University. Those who ate a diet rich in carotenoids were 43% less at risk to develop macular degeneration. How to improve eyesight with healthy food ? By eating spinach or collard greens five or six times a week reduced their risk of developing macular degeneration by 88%. Do you think you could handle eating a spinach salad five times a week to prevent eyesight deterioriation? Many people find this easy to do.There are plenty of foods to improve eyesight.


Nutritional Eyesight Facts

We know now these nutrition facts about eyesight:

1. Low levels of lycopene were also associated with a greater chance of developing macular degeneration.

2. People with cataracts have less vitamin C in their eyes than those who don’t have cataracts.

3. Antioxidants are like sunglasses for your eyes.

4. Your retina uses the most oxygen of any of your body parts. Thus, it needs more antioxidants than any part of your body.

5. There is more zinc in your retina than in any other part of your body. Zinc allows the release of vitamin A in the liver to form rhodopsin for your eyes. It also allows the photoreceptors to work properly.


Antioxidant Functions For Your Vision

Here’s a table about a few of the antioxidants and what they do in the body to protect your eyesight from deterioration.



Top Antioxidants for eyes



Top Foods


Vitamin A

Fish Oil

Important for the formation of rhodopsin



Macular degeneration prevention

Vitamin C


Prevent cataracts and retinal hemorrhages.Neutralizes free radical damage to the eye

Vitamin E


Neutralizes free radical damage to the eye

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Broccoli,spinach,kale,celery,mustard greens, corn, peaches,squash

Acts as sunscreen for eye.Prevents cataracts.Helps in macular degeneration prevention


Brazil nuts

Prevents oxidative stress especially from hydrogen peroxide.Prevents cataracts


Oysters, meats

Allows the liver to form rhodopsin for your eyes from vitamin A.Allows the photoreceptors in your eyes to work properly


Eyesight nutrition makes all the difference in the world. Don’t wait until you have a diagnosed eye disorder before you start eating right. Keep your eyesight better than 20/20 by eating more of these high antioxidant foods. You’ll be glad you did.



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