How to Protect your Eyesight from Glaucoma

How to Protect your Eyesight from Glaucoma. Aqueous Humor flow inside the eye

How to Protect your Eyesight from Glaucoma using Positive stress


Glaucoma is a diseased condition of an eye in which occurs as different variants. Most of the times it is related with an increased intra-ocular (within the eye) pressure resulting from a blockage to outflow of the aqueous humor (the name given to the fluid within the anterior portion of eye).

Glaucoma is associated with the optic nerve damage and is labeled as one of the most leading causes for blindness. Glaucoma also leads to an increased intraocular pressure. The patients suffering with glaucoma need to have regular follow up in order to have their intraocular pressure measured using special instrument called as tonometer.

According to the latest research studies published online on April 3, 2012, scientists have determined that a glaucoma affected eye can be protected from further damage by using a ‘positive stress’ technique. The experiments were conducted on mice models. The main aim experiments focused on development of such a treatment which can protect the optic nerve injury during glaucoma.

This was achieved by exposing the eyes in experimental model with a continuously low supply of oxygen just as at high altitudes. This slow exposure of mice to continuously low supply of oxygen creates a ‘tolerance’ within their body tissues which helps to prevent them from neurodegenerative effects of glaucoma.


The mice in this study who were pre-conditioned with low oxygen therapy showed very little nerve damage after developing glaucoma as compared to those who were not exposed to this therapy.

This report further tells that stress is generally believed to be a negative phenomenon, yet some kinds of stress prove to be helpful; including exercise and low oxygen tension. These kinds of stresses in fact ‘train’ the cells and make them tougher than before and they no longer remain sensitive to such stressful situations and adopt themselves in a way which makes them resistant to the effects of injury and disease.

This study is a great approach in opening ways for developing a definitive treatment for glaucoma which can actually prevent the optic nerve damage.


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