Narrow Angle Glaucoma

Narrow Angle Glaucoma

Narrow Angle Glaucoma​



Narrow Angle Glaucoma is type of angle closure glaucoma. There are anatomical factors in the eye which will cause a narrow or smaller space between the peripheral iris and trabecular meshwork.


Causes of Narrow Angle Glaucoma

1- Small eye or small axial length of the eye as in patient with hyperopia in which there axial length is smaller than normal and also the anterior chamber is smaller than normal causing narrow space between the iris and trabecular meshwork

2- Large natural lens as in cataract that will push the iris anteriorly causing narrow angle. This type of glaucoma is called phacomorphic glaucoma. Read more about Phacomorphic Glaucoma

3- Any causes from behind the lens which will push the iris forward causing narrow angle. Examples are tumors like choroidal melanoma.



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