Makeup Tips For Eyeglasses Wearers

Makeup Tips For Eyeglasses Wearers

7 Makeup tips for eyeglasses wearers



A point to remember: Complement your frame, do not ignore them.


Tip #1: Work Those Eyebrows

The eyeglasses frame draws attention to the eyebrows. Keeping them well-groomed with or without make-up gives your look an instant boost. Use any methods you’re comfortable with to get those nicely lined brows, whether it’s plucking, threading or waxing.

Eyebrow liners can help fill gaps and add some volume, just be careful not to make them look too artificial. Shape your eyebrows and then you can use a gel or a clear mascara to keep the shape.


Tip #2: Use Powder Foundation

Using eyeglasses over a liquid or cream foundation can leave marks where the frame sits—your cheeks and nose bridge. Use a powder foundation instead to avoid this problem. Also use a lighter foundation under the eyes to hide dark circles under eyes and counteract the shadow casted by the frame.


Tip #3: Illuminate Your Lids



Avoid wearing dark shades as it will emphasize dark undertones around your eyes. Using dark shades will make your eyes appear tired. Go for lighter or neutral shades instead to keep your lids looking bright. A highlighter on the brown bone can also be used to complement the warm shades on the lids


Tip #4: Use A Concealer

Wearing eyeglasses will not hide your under eye circles, so don’t skip the concealer. The frame usually casts a shadow under the eye making your under eye circles look worse rather than hide them. Use a brightening concealer to counteract the shadow. Yellow-based concealers will be the best choice.


Tip #5: Volumize and Curl Your Lashes

Apply lots of mascara to add volume to those lashes and make them prominent under those glasses. Volumizing mascaras rather than lengthening mascaras are preferred. Curling your lashes will help to make the eye look bigger and will keep them from hitting your lenses. Keep those lashes from hitting your lenses as it can smudge the mascara on the inner surface the lens.



Tip #6: Fancy Some Cat Eyes?

Creating cat eyes makes your eye look larger, making them more noticeable behind the lenses. Experiment with the shape and intensity that best fits your frame.


Tip #7: Use A Bold Lip Color

Using a bright lip shade will draw attention to your lips and away from your frames. Using a bold lip color alone without any other make-up can make a big difference if you want to just keep the look light and simple. Not enough time to put an eye make-up or simply not sure how to make them work? Not a problem, start with a stunning lips and work your way from there.

Wearing eyeglasses while trying to flaunt your make-up can be quite tricky. This is why some eyeglasses wearers would prefer wearing contact lenses on occasions. Putting off your glasses is an option, but you’re probably missing the eyeglasses trend. Eyeglasses shouldn’t be treated as something you have to ditch to get that picture-perfect look. Your eyeglasses can actually help to accentuate your eye make-up if given the right technique. Want to know how?



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