Get FDA Clearance Only With Proclear Toric Contact

Get FDA Clearance Only With Proclear Toric Contact

Get FDA Clearance Only With Proclear Toric Contact





Proclear Toric Contact lens is the only type that offers FDA clearance claiming that it may ensure comfort to lens users reducing all discomfort and symptoms of dryness while wearing the lens. This type of contact lenses is made of a very special kind of Proclear element that enables to keep your eyes moist and fresh for all day long.

The manufacturer has designed this contact lens with monthly replacement schedule. But you have to clean your lens regularly to maintain healthy environment in the contact surface. Don’t forget to take advice from an experienced eye specialist on Proclear Toric Contact lens user policy and replacement schedule before going to use it.

Proclear Toric Contact uses Omafilcon A as its Hydragel material which ensures breathability of contact surface. It also allows more oxygen to pass through the contact areas resulting in fresh, clean and healthy eyes.

Proclear Toric Contact also contains water content to keep your eyes humid for all day long. Clinical reports show that its Proclear material resists lipid and deposit formation on the contact surface and gives ultimate comfort.




Proclear Toric Contact uses PC technology that includes molecules of phosphorylcholine (PC) which are naturally obtained in the cell membranes of human being. These molecules have a very special attraction to water contents, and here it tends to keep eyes wet for all day long.

Basically Proclear Toric Contact lens is prescribed for the patients having astigmatism. It is advantageous in several factors such as- it provides exceptional level of comfort for all day long, ensures high vision quality, resists deposit formation and maintains fresh and clean contact surface. You can spot it easily in the solution as Prolear Toric Contact comes with visibility tint.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that to have an exceptional level of comfort along with clean and crisp vision you can use Proclear Toric Contact Lens. You can get extended level of power range with Prolear Toric Contact lens if you are suffering from high level of astigmatism.




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