Eye floaters after giving birth

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    only for driving at night i cant see far away
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Recently after having my son, my eyes have started acting weird so i went to a doctor and she looked in my eyes and said everything was normal. i just needed some glasses for not being able to see far away. but ever since having my son i sometimes see this quick tiny tiny flashes of a light, and sometimes it seems like a floater in the back of my eye or something comes into my view and will even block out the side of my vision for a few minutes and then eventually goes away. she said everything looked fine, but im starting to feel worried.

What should i do?







Thanks for your Question

It is normal to have floaters after normal delivery. Since you went to an ey edoctor and she examined you and everything is normal, so nothing you need to worry about. 

You should have regular followup with your eye doctor, for example every 9-12 month.

You can also read about other vision changes that occur during and after pregnancy 


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