Acuvue 2 Colours Contact Lens Combines an Appealing Array

Acuvue 2 Colours Contact Lens Combines an Appealing Array

Acuvue 2 Colours Contact Lens





Acuvue 2 Colours Contact Lens utilizes the technology of enhancing eye color. Acuvue 2 Colours Opaques are basically prescribed for completely changing the color of both dark and light eyes. On the other hand enhancers are prescribed where it is necessary to intensify the color, and it is done only on light eyes.

To speak the truth this kind of contact lens is especially prescribed for the patients having or not having vision correction. The Acuvue 2 Contact Lens has got the same lens design style as like as Acuvue 2. to ensure top most comfort it has got reduced edge height.

It features optimal center for improved handling. Advanced design technology that combines an attractive array ensures high performance on blocking transmission of UV rays into the cornea that are harmful for human eyes.




This type of contact lens is basically used in changing or enhancing eye color. But it is strictly recommended to discuss with an eye specialist before using Acuvue 2 Colours Contact Lens. Replacement schedule confirms that it remains fit for two weeks. But you have to clean and remove it daily.

It holds UV protection class II which has the capability to protect an average of 88% UV-A radiation and 99% of UV-B radiation. To ensure 88% oxygen to the open eyes this type of contact lens uses etafilcon-A Hydrogel material. Acuvue 2 Colours Contact Lens is available in ten exciting colors.

For the ease of spotting your contact lens easily this kind of contact lenses come as lightly tined blue. The Enhancers and Opaques use special layer of color enhancement which has made them realistic and natural. The Opaques are available in seven different colors, and on the other hand Enhancers are available in three appealing colors.

If you are in confusion whether you have to use Enhancers or Opaques, just check you prescription. “O” before the color indicates the Opaques and “E” before the color indicates the Acuvue 2 Colours Enhancers.




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