Acuvue Advance Plus

Acuvue Advance Plus

Acuvue Advance Plus Contact Lens





Acuvue Advance Plus contact lenses are available for both near and far sighted patients. They are recommended for 2 weeks of wear, and can accommodate overnight wear as well.

However, not all eyes are suitable for extended wear contacts or overnight wear, and the instructions received from an eye care professional should be followed rather than packaging information.

Your eye care professional is more aware of circumstances directly affecting your vision and will be able to make recommendations specific to your condition.

The unique material, galyfilcon A, from which Acuvue Advance Plus lenses are made, is designed to provide all day comfort. The 96% of oxygen permeability allows these lenses to provide all day comfort. Dry eyes can be the result of contacts that are not sufficiently oxygen permeable. The almost total permeability of these lenses offers maximum comfort when combined with Hydraclear technology.

Acuvue Advance Hydraclear technology is unique to Acuvue brand contact lenses. This technology creates contact lenses that are moisture rich, with 46% water and incredibly smooth, so that blinking feels silky smooth. One of the more common complaints of contact wearers is dry eyes or an uncomfortable sensation. Acuvue Advance Plus contact lenses minimize the chances for dry eyes and offer total comfort.

In addition to their wearability, these contact lenses also offer UV protection. While it is still necessary to wear sunglasses for all over protection, your vision gets Class I protection with these lenses. Class I protection provides up to 90% UV-A and 99% UV-B radiation protection.




Sunlight is one of the leading damage causing agents for eyes and vision. With these revolutionary contact lenses, you reduce your risks and preserve your vision.

These lenses are also incredibly user friendly. Not only are they tinted light blue to make them easy to find, they also have convenient inside out marker. The light blue tint allows you to locate an otherwise clear lens floating in a clear solution. It does not affect your vision or the appearance of your eyes.

The 1,2,3 inside out mark makes it easy to determine if your contact lens is right side up. If the numbers are backwards, the lens is inside out. Flip is over and insert for crystal clear vision. These Lenses are also available in convenient annual supply options, with 24 packs sold. Two boxes equals an entire year of contact lenses.


Product Details of Acuvue Advance Plus

• Diameter:14

• Base Curve: 8.3 or 8.7

• Power range: -12.00 - +8.00

• Material: Galyfilcon A

• Water Content: 47%




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