Eyeglass Frame Materials

Eyeglass Frame Materials

Choosing the Right Eyeglass Frame Materials




Choosing your next pair of eyeglasses need not be complicated. Sometimes, you only need to look at the material the pair is made of and you can easily make a practical choice from there.

After all, the most important factor in buying a pair is its strength, durability and quality. Here is a list of available materials that eyeglass frames are made of along with each of their biggest selling points.



Metal and titanium glasses frames


Memory metal is made of half titanium and half nickel. Because of its unique properties, you can bend this metal and still have it return to its original shape. This kind of metal is recommended for kids or anybody else who can be quite rough on their glasses.

Titanium glasses frames are strong and very durable. Titanium does not corrode easily and is lighter than other metal frames by 40%. titanium eyeglass frames are hypoallergenic plus they come in many different color variants.

Beta Titanium is made up of predominant titanium mixed in with aluminum and vanadium. Because of this mixture, beta titanium has bigger flexing properties than pure titanium alone, making it possible to be crafted into more unique shapes and styles.



Plastic eyeglass frames


Propionate is a plastic made basically from nylon. It has strong and flexible qualities, hypoallergenic and lightweight. Because of these properties, it is ideally used in making frames for sports. Zyl is short for Zylonite or cellulose acetate. It is quite inexpensive and very lightweight making it the most popular material used for plastic frames. It also comes in a wide variety of colors.

Nylon is also lightweight, strong and flexible but can become a little brittle when used for too long. Because of this feature, most of its parts have been replaced by a material called nylon blends which is a combination of gliamides, copolyamides and polyamides.




You also have the choice of fusing the strength of metal with the flexibility of plastic in combination frames.

Today’s models come in a wide variety of shapes and colors offering you more choices than ever before. Thanks to modern technology, buyers now have so many exciting options available to choose from.



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