How Parents Can Get Their Kids Excited About Wearing Glasses

How Parents Can Get Their Kids Excited About Wearing Glasses

How Parents Can Get Their Kids Excited About Wearing Glasses


How did you first find out that your kid needed glasses? Was it when you saw them squinting at the television? Or when they came home from school complaining that they couldn’t see the blackboard? In any case, the need for glasses might be inevitable.
The fact is that 25 percent of children may need glasses, and many parents have come to this realization. That’s the easy part. Getting your children to actually wear the glasses might be a bit more difficult.
Despite how far we have come, there are still some stigmas around wearing glasses, and some kids might feel like they might be bullied or looked down upon if they do so. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can convince them that wearing glasses will not only help them see but may also impress the people around them.


See Better and Look Smarter

You can start the pitch to your children by reminding them that glasses can improve many vision impairments. It could help them do better in school, participate in sports, play video games, and so on — basically, all the fun stuff!
There are many indications that a child may have vision issues including frequent headaches, seeing double, reading with their face close to the book, difficulty seeing at low light, and other symptoms. They may even avoid reading if it hurts to do so. This can lead to children feeling let down by not being able to keep up with their classmates.
Wearing glasses can help to eliminate these issues so they can learn and play easier. You can let them know that glasses will help to quell these symptoms and help them better achieve their goals in class. Kids really want to excel when they grow up, so remind them how important it is for them to do their best so they can someday have a fruitful career.
Furthermore, while wearing glasses in school can help kids learn better, they can also help users look smarter as well. Many psychologists have found that men and women who wear glasses can appear sophisticated, honest, dependable, and industrious — which is why many people wear glasses even when they don’t need them. This is a great talking point to motivate your child


No Fear of Bullies

Many kids might be hesitant to wear glasses because they fear that they will be bullied at school. The idea that people who wear glasses are nerdy or socially awkward is fading away, but some of the meaner students in school might still target those who wear spectacles. Although some say that the problem of bullying has decreased over time, bullying over glasses can occur in all settings.
So what can you do to keep your young one excited with this possibility looming in their school? In many cases, bullies act out for attention because they have low self-esteem and may be doing poorly in their studies. Let your child know about this possibility. Tell them to ignore the taunts and hold their heads up high, remembering that they are wearing glasses because they want to do well in school. Try telling them that their glasses give them superpowers and super-sight, and as they grow, they will be super successful because of them.
The best way to shut down a bully is to show confidence and let them know that their mean words hold no value. Of course, if we can completely eliminate bullying, then you can give your child a better chance of wearing their glasses in a safe environment. Parents can partner with schools to troubleshoot the issue. Possible solutions include counseling services and teaching kids about empathy and self-awareness.


Look to the Stars

If improving their vision is not enough to convince your kid to wear their glasses, then your next best bet is to look to pop culture. These days, more and more famous actors, musicians and sports stars are starting to wear glasses, even if their eyesight is 20-20. Do a quick search on the internet for celebrities with glasses, and you will also find that stars are taking to large-lenses, wide-rimmed eyeglasses traditionally associated with grandmothers.
If they can wear big, gaudy glasses like those, then your kid must surely be confident wearing a more modern pair to school. Glasses provide an additional focal point. They make you look more interesting. They make people want to come up and talk to you. Use your kid’s favorite glasses-wearing celebrity as motivation the next time they get skittish.
Before going to pick out your child’s new eyeglasses, look through pictures of their favorite celebrities on the internet, then buy similar frames so they can proudly announce to their peers that they wear the same glasses as Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber! The fact is that stars are really just like us. If your kid falls into the trap of feeling like glasses can make them appear weak, then remind them that physical perfection is a myth that even celebrities struggle with, as any photoshopped magazine cover will prove.
While kids can be worrywarts, the truth is that wearing glasses is becoming more accepted every day. Remind them of the benefits of wearing them and the positive impression they can give off. Your youngster will be wearing them with pride in no time.


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