Treatments of Glaucoma

Treatments of Glaucoma

Treatments of Glaucoma




Treatments of Glaucoma can be either by medications, laser, surgery or all of them together.


1- Medications


  • Eye Drops

Anti glaucoma eye drops are the most common way for the treatments for glaucoma. Glaucoma is usually controlled by eye drops especially in acute glaucoma in which we use oral or intravenous medication which is called acetazolamide that acts by decrease the production of aqueous humor.

There are many types of eye drops for glaucoma and they either act by reducing the production of aqueous humor or increase the amount of drainage of aqueous humor. Read more about Eye drops for Glaucoma



  • Oral Medications

Sometimes eye drops will not bring your eye pressure down to the desired level; so your doctor might add an oral medication called carbonic anhydrase inhibitors such as acetazolamide (Diamox) and methazolamide (Neptazane).Those oral medications help to reduce the intraocular pressure rapidly. Read more about Oral Medications for Glaucoma


  • Punctal plugs

Prostaglandin analogue punctal plugs can be used as alternative to eye drops in management of glaucoma. Read more about Punctum Plugs for Glaucoma



2- Laser treatment for glaucoma


Glaucoma laser surgery can be done by many types of laser techniques such as laser iridotomy, laser trabeculoplasty and Cyclo-Cryotherapy. Read more about Glaucoma Laser Treatment


3- Glaucoma Surgical Treatments


In case the medical and laser treatments failed to reduce the intraocular pressure, we can do surgery which creates a new opening to drain the aqueous fluid from the eye and decreases the intraocular pressure. This kind of surgery is called filtering surgery. Read more about Glaucoma Surgical Treatments



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