Soflens Toric Contacts

Soflens Toric Contacts

Soflens Toric Contacts​





Soflens toric lenses are designed to correct vision for those possessing astigmatism. Astigmatism causes traditional contacts to move out of sink with the eye, due to the unique shape of the cornea in patients with this condition. Soflens toric lenses provide exceptional stability control using a Lo-Torque system, to provide crystal clear vision, even to extreme astigmatism patients.

Soflens Toric Contacts are made from the revolutionary material, alphafilcon A and a unique design. Each of these lenses has a comfort chamber as part of the design which is a wedge shaped chamber on the lens that reduces the overall thickness of the lens. The prism, which allows patients with astigmatism to wear soft contacts, is located on the base of the lens to stabilize the positioning.

The Soflens toric lenses are 14mm in diameter to make them easy to insert, and are available in powers that range from -9.0 to + 6.5 with cylindrical powers of -.75 to -2.75 and axis adjustment ranging from Zero to 180 Degree. Until recently, patients with sever astigmatism were forced to either wear glasses or use hard contact lenses.

Many people prefer contacts for cosmetic and practical reasons. While cosmetic is a secondary consideration for most, practically, there are many activities that are not available or comfortable to those that wear glasses. Bungee jumping is not nearly as exciting when you can’t see the surrounding area during the jump.




Unfortunately, glasses are likely to fly free, making them a less than ideal choice when enjoying this exciting activity. Contacts allow those with less than perfect eyesight to enjoy the same range of activities.

Hard contacts could cause scarring on the cornea and were a greater infection risk. Because the contacts were expensive and meant to last for a minimum of a year at a time, it was much more likely that bacteria or fungi would build up on the lens.

This made the eye much more vulnerable to a variety of problems. Now, with Soflens toric lenses, even the most severe astigmatisms can be corrected using these uniquely formulated lenses. They are also one of very few lens options that will allow extended wear.

While wearing contacts to sleep increases the risks for injury or infection, wearing extended wear contacts reduces those risks, so it is not as much a concern if a patient happens to fall asleep with contacts still in. Discuss the possibilities of Soflens toric contacts with your eye care professional.




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