Soflens Multi Focal Contact Lens

Soflens Multi Focal Contact Lens

Soflens Multi Focal Contact Lens





Soflens Multi Focal Contact Lens enable to have clear vision at far, intermediate and near distances. It is featured with a unique Natra-Sight Optics Technology that aids easy and clear transitions across far, near and in between points. Its patented quality edge design confirms all day comfort.

Basically this type of lenses is designed for the patients having Presbyopia. It is a problem relating to human age, and most of the people face this problem after 40 years. But you can avoid this problem by using Soflens Multi-focal Contact Lenses. This type of lens can help you to adjust and focus on objects quickly regardless of distances.

Soflens Multi-focal Contact Lenses offer optimum vision with quality picture at every distance. It is clinically proved that after 40 years when you cannot see objects near to you this type of contact lenses can aid you to enjoy the freedom of soft lenses. Technical details show that it is featured with 62% of polymacon polymer and 38% of water content.




The main reason of using this polymer is to increase breathability of contact surfaces, and it is done by allowing more oxygen to pass through the contact surface. On the other hand water content present in the lens keeps your eyes wet for all day.

Soflens Multi Focal Contact Lens are advantageous in several points such as- all day comfort, exceptional vision and reduces dryness of eyes and so on. Visibility tint of the lens aids to locate the lens easily in the solution. Experimental results show that this tint has zero effect on the eyes. Hydragel polymer used in the lens resists deposit and lipid formation and development.

The manufacturer has designed Soflens Multi-focal Contact lenses for 14 days use. So you have to replace the older one with a new pair after every 14 days. But you must remove and clean it regularly to maintain healthy environment in the contact region.

Finally, it is strictly recommended that you must take necessary prescription and advice from an experienced eye specialist about the replacement schedule of Soflens Multi-focal Contact Lenses before using it.




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